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Internet 5G. Home automation, robotics, security, what is 5G? What is the main purpose of this new technology? Featured

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Internet 5G. Home automation, robotics, security, what is 5G? What is the main purpose of this new technology? Picture by Pixabay

The internet has been evolving, started with the 1G (G = generation) then the 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE (LTE = long-term evolution) and now comes the 5G.

Basically, the big difference is the speed, an example of it, an HD movie is shown, in 4G, an average of one hour, while with the new 5G technology it will take only a few minutes, the 5G increases the speed to 10 gigabits per second

The main benefit of 5G technology is safety.

But there is also a specific need that drives this new advance, and is the automation of various processes such as: opening and closing doors, windows, curtains, blinds, etc. , but perhaps more important is the security, you can check all cameras installed in the home, the office, the company... and take action as a totally block the property and / or send an alert to a security center, among others.

How does 5G internet work?

Smartphones are like two-way radios. When you call someone, the phone turns the voice into an electrical signal, the transmission to the nearest telephone tower, the tower bounces the signal until it finally reaches the receiver. When a new transmission technology reaches the market it is assigned a higher frequency. For example, 3G occupies the band frequency up to 20Mhz. In the case of 5G, it probably ends up in the band that reaches 6Ghz. These new technologies occupy higher bands because they are not busy and move information faster. The problem is that the signals with the highest frequencies do not go as far as the lowest ones, so we will need several antennas that are probably used to extend the signal where the 5G is located.

When will the 5G internet be available?

Most experts will predict that it will not be fully available until 2020. Although it will be worth it because this type of connection is increasingly necessary, and if we want a vision of the future. , the 5G.

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